Engaging our staff and creating knowledge

Hall & Prior's staff have always been our greatest asset, and are actively encouraged to develop innovative approaches to problems and contribute new knowledge to the field of aged care. At a Commonwealth level, this work is recognised with Better Practice Awards: a highly-respected honour in the aged care industry.

These awards are presented by the Aged Care Quality Agency each year for outstanding innovation and achievement in the following categories: Environmental Management and Living Environment, Health and Personal Care, Innovation, Resident Lifestyle and Staff Development and Retention. The winning projects are those that contribute to the ultimate goal in the ever-evolving field of aged care: improving the quality of care for residents.

To be considered for Better Practice Award, the project must be both sustainable and transferrable so that the knowledge created through the winning projects can be shared with other providers throughout the industry and contribute to the continuous improvement of quality care Australia wide.

Since 2011, Hall & Prior have won 11 Better Practice Awards for projects that have transformed the way that we care for our residents.


Windsor Park Aged Care Home's Back to Country Program


Tuohy Aged Care Home's My Life, My Wishes Program

Freshwater Bay and Mosman Park Aged Care Home's Reducing Risperidone Use in Dementia Program

Aubrey Downer, Caroline Chisholm, Fairfield, Glenwood and Vaucluse Aged Care Homes with the Resisting Age-Related Muscle Decline Program


Windsor Park Aged Care Home's Culturally Valid Care Program for Aboriginal People


Tuohy Aged Care Home's Transitioning a Culture to Support Gender Diversity Program


Mosman Park Aged Care Home's New Beginnings Program


Leighton Aged Care Home's Evac Eddie Project

Rockingham Aged Care Home's Palliative Care Project

Windsor Park Aged Care Home's Workplace Harmonisation Program


Kensington Park Aged Care Home's Project to Improve Behaviour Management for Residents with Dementia


Caroline Chisholm and Sirius Cove Aged Care Home's Pain Management Program



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