Tuohy staff celebrate Better Practice Award win and Pride Day

Tuohy Aged Care Home LGBTI Better Practice Award win 2015

Tuohy Aged Care Home clinical nurse manager Mina Pindolia, residential care manager Jayne Cummings and administration officer Fiona Clarkson at their combined Pride Day and Better Practice Award win celebrations.

THERE were rainbows galore at Tuohy Aged Care Home on November 20 as staff combined celebrations for Pride Day and their Better Practice Award win.

Staff, led by the Residential Care Manager Jayne Cummings and Clinical Nurse Manager Mina Pindolia, were awarded a Better Practice Award this month for their approach to the care needs of older people of diverse sexual orientations.

The national awards are presented annually and recognise innovative programs or initiatives that contribute to the quality of life for elders in care and their families.

“The resident and their needs and rights always come first, it’s as simple as that,” Jayne said. “I feel very strongly about doing what is best for our residents because it’s their home and we want them to feel accepted for who they are.”

Tuohy Aged Care Home LGBTI Better Practice Award win 2015

Tuohy Residential Care Manager Jayne Cummings.

With the support of Perth-based group GLBTI Rights in Australia (GRAI), Tuohy’s Residential Care Manager Jayne Cummings and her staff have been able to work with residents to ensure their needs are met with inclusive and appropriate actions.

Jayne and her staff received in-house training from GRAI, who work to raise awareness and improve the quality of life for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) elders, earlier in 2015 as part of the Federal Government-funded National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Training Project.

“In addition to education and fostering a culture of inclusiveness at her home, Jayne’s strong leadership and preparedness to advocate on behalf of her resident’s rights was a crucial part of empowering residents,” Hall & Prior’s Chief Executive Officer Graeme Prior said.

Tuohy Aged Care Home LGBTI Better Practice Award win 2015

Tuohy's staff wore their most colourful clothing for the celebration.

First published in 2012, the Commonwealth Government’s National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy recognises that up to 11% of Australians may be of a diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender identity, and aims to improve the experience of ageing and aged care for this group. Although individuals in this group have different needs, they share the experience of having suffered from stigma and discrimination during their lifetime.

As an organisation, Hall & Prior is responding to the need for appropriate care by creating an LGBTI policy and has formed a committee to ensure the comprehensive roll-out of inclusive language through all forms and documentation.

The insights from Tuohy’s journey have been shared with our homes across the organisation, supporting residents who face a similar journey and providing a positive model for GRAI to share as they help other nursing homes in their education and support programs for gender and sexuality in aged care homes.

Hall & Prior’s dedicated staff care for more than 1,200 older Australians in 20 homes in Western Australia and New South Wales. Our commitment to providing quality care to people from all walks of life has been recognised with seven Better Practice Awards for innovations in resident care since 2011.

Tuohy Aged Care Home Midland LBGTI Better Practice Award win 2015


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