Aged Care Employee Day 2019



A message from our CEO Graeme Prior

Happy Aged Care Employee Day 2019

This is an important day in the aged care calendar and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the important work you do in our homes each and every day.

From humble beginnings at Hall & Prior we now have a workforce of 2,100 and own and operate 25 homes across Western Australia and New South Wales. Keeping those homes running smoothly is no mean feat.

From Personal Carers to Chefs, DONS to Nurses, Dietitians to Delivery drivers, Hospitality teams to Cleaners and Occupational Therapists to Administration teams; you are all part of the rich tapestry that helps makes every house a home.

I ask you to please pause for a moment in your busy day today and think about how you affect other people’s lives.

You make a difference.

Your relationships with those you care for are vitally important, and the kindness you show them on a daily basis is greatly appreciated by both the families and residents themselves.

Aged Care Employee Day is a day designed to celebrate you.

This is a rewarding, yet very challenging profession which often requires your complete devotion to others.

Across the world, the value of a community is reflected in how they care for their young, and their aged and frail. In my eyes it is one of the most important jobs in the world… to care for our elderly with both dignity and respect.

At Hall & Prior, we live by the mantra that we are ‘Compassionate People, Dedicated to Care’. This is my opportunity to sit back and reflect on that statement, and think of how each and every one of you live this mantra every day.

Once again thank you for your loyalty, your commitment and the tremendous work you do.

To see Graeme's thank you video, please click on this link:


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