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Welcome to Hamersley

“We look forward to you and your loved ones becoming part of the Hamersley family.”

Hamersley is located in the heart of Subiaco. The home’s spacious community rooms are bright and airy, while the tranquil outdoor gardens are private and secure.

At Hamersley, we understand how important it is for you or your loved one to maintain personal relationships and interests. We are a family-oriented home, and welcome visitors at any time.

  • Our approach to care Read more

    For your peace of mind, we provide 24-hour care by registered nurses who are supported by a dedicated team of enrolled nurses and personal carers. We have the expertise to assist with complex care requirements, and will always discuss your care with you and your family.

    Hamersley has been fully accredited by the Australian Government in recognition of our very high standards of care and services, meeting all 42 of the expected outcomes.

  • Lifestyle and activities Read more

    Staying active and socialising is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our activity program changes each month, but will always include bus trips and outings, arts and crafts, movie days and theme days. We have a number of volunteers supporting our home and have regular musical performances, fetes, raffles and visits from school groups

    Kings Park and the bustling Rokeby Road precinct are located close by, offering plenty of options for outings. We also offer a unique activity program that provides our residents with opportunities to stay active and socialise.

    Friends and family are more than welcome to join in for any of our activities.

    Your room will be furnished for you, but we encourage you to bring personal belongings such as photographs and soft furnishings to help you feel at home. There are television sets that you can watch in our common rooms, but you are welcome to bring you own television or radio if you wish.

  • Food and nutrition Read more

    Enjoying a variety of delicious, nutritionally balanced meals is an important part of maintaining good health. From our central kitchen, our executive chef, sous chef and dietician create menus that provide variety and maximum nutritional value without compromising on taste. We offer choices of hot and cold meals, cater for allergies and culturally-specific needs, and create a special menu for a theme day each month.

    You can view some of our menu options by reading our What's on the menu? flyer.

  • Fees and charges Read more

    The cost of aged care is dependent on your circumstances and is different for everyone. The cost of your care and accommodation at Hamersley can include the following:

    Basic daily fee
    This covers living costs such as meals, power and laundry. For some people, this is the only fee they are required to pay.

    This fee is set by the Department of Human Services at 85% of the single pension and is indexed in March and September each year. To read the latest schedule of fees and charges go to the Department of Health website.

    Means-tested care fee
    This is an additional contribution towards to the cost of your care that some people are required to pay, and is based on an assessment of your income and assets.

    Accommodation payment
    This charge covers your accommodation at Hamersley and is based on an assessment of your income and assets.

    You can choose to make your accommodation payments as either:

    - a lump sum of what is called a 'refundable accommodation payment'

    - a daily accommodation payment

    - a combination of both

    You can see the full list of accommodation charges for Hamersley by downloading the accommodation pricing information fact sheet.

    We have more detailed information about the fees and charges and income and assets assessments in our fees and charges section.

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Jacqui Bridge
Director of Nursing
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